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What is

Basically, we wanted to do Facebook ads better and stop wasting money on ads that weren't working. So we figured the best place to find inspiration for how to create better ads was to watch what other companies were doing. What started as a small internal project began to get interest among our friends and colleagues. They wanted to contribute ads they saw, and in return be able to see the ads other were collecting.

So that's -- a collaborative effort between people to document by hand the ads we're seeing to help all of us get better results with our Facebook ads.

How do you collect your ads?

Ads are collected by hand and submitted to us by our vast network of contributors around the world.

Why don't you have the specific ad I'm looking for?

We are not Facebook, nor are we affiliated with Facebook. We do not have access to Facebook's ad database. We can only collect and archive what turns up on the timelines of our collectors. While can make every effort to collect the ads you ask us to, we can only display the ads that we are shown. Please don't register and expect to see "more" or "different" ads than what you see in the free version. The only difference between the free and paid version is: A) Paid users get more than 1 page of results, and B) Paid uses get more stats about each ad, such as amount of Likes, Shares, and Emotions.

What do I get if I signup to be a member?

Pure and simple, you get full searching access to our database of ads plus full ad history for every brand we track. We're adding hundreds of new ads each day, so you begin to see patterns of what's working and what's not.

Do you offer free trials?

Not at this time.